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Jay DeAngelo

Illustrator and Designer based in DFW

I'm an office worker & desk warrior, raised in the suburbs and made in a liberal arts factory. I'm here to ink my way through existence until the sun goes out and the dump fills up with spent gel pens. Loves: Disaster stories, serial cartoons, a hot mug in cold hands, and mysterious industrial equipment. 

self portrait.jpg

Selected Projects

"Deserved Parking" (show). The Grackle, 2022

Angle and Table: Furniture Design Collab (2021)

Decipher City: Carto & Web Design (2018-2020)

For the Birds: Book Illustration (2018)

Latest Work

November 2023

Small Works Show

400 Houston Street Gallery

September 2023

Harbor Freight & Kick Pigeon Kids

Fort Worth Community Art Center

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